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Kingdom Now

Established in November 2019, this podcast is called "favorite" by devoted listeners worldwide. Not your normal church talk, Kingdom Now is a safe place to talk about difficult things, changing the way people view faith and "church people," one listener at a time. Join Apostle Marino and her guests for a variety of topics as they discuss different issues that pertain to queer theology, faith, life, and spiritual understanding. New episodes are released every Tuesday between October and July of each year.

Apostolic Covenant Theological Seminary

In a three-and-a-half year varied cycle, join Apostle Marino and other Apostolic Covenant Theological Seminary students as we journey through the essential ins and outs of ministry. Topics include Bible studies, general theology, pastoral care, Hebrew, basic Greek, demonology, and more. Apostolic Covenant Theological Seminary is Apostolic in doctrine, Pentecostal in experience, Queer in theology, and Existentialist in philosophy. Classes are every Thursday evening at 8 PM (EST).

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Sanctuary International Fellowship Tabernacle - SIFT

Join Apostle Marino and the entire Sanctuary team for worship in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. Led by Apostle Marino, Sanctuary serves as a safe place for discussion, healing, and spiritual insights for anyone who desires to attend. Sanctuary is fully inclusive, embracing anyone - and we do mean anyone - to come and join us. No question, no topic is off limits! Services are every Sunday at 1 PM (EST).

Guest Engagements

Coming soon!

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