Is there a membership option with Spitfire Apostolic Ministries?

Spitfire Apostolic Ministries represents the body of work unique to Apostle Marino. It is not a membership-based organization. It does not work via partnerships and there is no option for membership, nor for standing as representatives of it within a locale or nation.

At the present time, Apostle Marino will cover a limited number of ministries if she feels her leadership can provide the right fit for existing needs. Ministers covered by Apostle Marino are required to tithe monthly, complete Apostolic Covenant Theological Seminary's program, and remain in regular communication with Apostle Marino through discussion and quarterly ministry reports. There will be no exceptions made to the covering requirements.

silver corded microphone in shallow focus photography
silver corded microphone in shallow focus photography
How can I get in contact with Apostle Marino?

We are not at liberty to give out Apostle Marino's personal contact information. If you have something you would like directed to Apostle, send your message to the ministry, and we will direct it as needed.

How can we get a donation from your ministry or from Apostle Marino?

Neither Spitfire Apostolic Ministries nor Apostle Marino receive solicitations for money or items. Please save our time and yours and do not flood the ministry inbox accounts with requests for money, because we will not answer them.

Likewise, Apostle Marino does not financially support the ministries she covers nor does she sponsor ministers to come to the United States to speak or preach.

woman reading book
woman reading book
How can we get copies of Apostle's books or materials?

Apostle's podcast streams online through all major outlets. You can also purchase Apostle's books through Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, and numerous other sites on the internet.

How can I speak for a Spitfire Apostolic Ministries event?

Speakers selected for Apostle Marino's events are by invitation only. She does not, at this time, accept requests for speakers at her events.

I would like Apostle Marino to speak at my event. How can we arrange this?

Contact us via our bookings page about your event and the specifications of it and we will process your request. For specific information, please contact our office at (919) 397-9122.

For events on Zoom, teleconference, or internet ministry, Apostle requires a love offering of at least $125 per event.

For events within the United States, Apostle requires her hotel and travel accommodations be covered. She also requires the inviting church or ministry to provide a love offering of at least $300 and a table where related items may be sold.

Apostle Marino will travel to a foreign country at the expense of the ministry who invites her. She will not travel to a nation where safety may be in question. Likewise, she will not travel out of the United States without her security team. Hotel, airfare, and a love offering of at least $500 must be provided. If you are unable to meet these requirements, please do not flood the ministry accounts with requests for Apostle to travel at her own expense to your nation.

Apostle does engage in missions from time to time, but it is not done in the form of a conference attendance request. If you are asking Apostle to come in person, please be prepared to cover her expenses.

people raising their hands
people raising their hands